Till Kahrs on The KTLA Morning Show

                                                                                           Till Kahrs on The KTLA Morning Show

Till Kahrs combines his many years of being a successful Fortune 500 executive, with his winning entertainment calling, which has yielded him two Top Ten Hits overseas. His 25 year long career as a speaker and trainer, provides for a wonderfully inspiring delivery that is truly memorable. Kahrs’ right on target approach, showcases his captivating style which is reminiscent of a fine-tuned nightclub act. Your audiences will be captivated, entertained,they will learn, and they won't “change the channel”! 

Kahrs Coaches/Consults/Speaks/Trains on a number of different Subjects/Topics and his main areas of expertise are: Public Speaking/Presentation Skills, Sales & Negotiating Skills, Media Skills, Executive Coaching, Business Writing, Telephone Skills, Hiring & Managing Effectively, and General Business Communication Skills.


Speaking Successfully - Till has analyzed Presidential Debates for TV audiences and newspaper readers for years. Learn the secrets that will help you overcome “The number one fear people have; public speaking”, as Till Kahrs, one of the nation’s leading experts in this field, highlights the key points of his book, “Enhancing Your Presentation Skills”. Learning how to improve your speaking skills increases your chances for career  advancement and these life skills will help you deliver success not only in the boardroom, but in the ballroom as well. A must for those presenting in public, no matter what the size of the audience is.

Customer Service - As a former senior facilitator for J.D. Power and Associates, the founder of the customer service index, Till has a profound understanding for what customer service is all about. Having worked with many companies on measuring customer satisfaction through the customer satisfaction index (CSI), the sales satisfaction index (SSI), and customer relations management (CRM), Till brings a unique in-sight and understanding to this subject. Learn how to maximize your results with each and every one of your customers. It’s hard enough to bring customers in, so learn how to keep them for life!

Communicating More Effectively - Learn the secrets of effective communication by presenting yourself in a better way and learning to use the proper verbal tools to assist you in extracting the information that you need to be more successful. By focusing on physical as well as verbal communication skills, this communication “Greatest Hits” package offers a wonderful combination of techniques that will increase your productivity, regardless of the industry or profession you are in. If you want to maximize your efficiency on the job or even in your personal life, this topic is for you.

Handling the Hot Seat -Till is frequently called on by high-profile individuals to advise them on how to respond to tough questions. Your communication skills may be right on target, but if you don’t handle tough questions the correct and proper way you may appear to be defensive and lose credibility. Unfortunately Q & A sessions typically come at the end of a presentation or meeting therefore it’s the last thing that people hear,and therefore remember. Learn the techniques that the real presentation pros use to turn the toughest questions into positive responses that end up making you look unbeatable even in the tightest spots, under the utmost pressure.


“The absolute best speaker our company has ever worked with! Till’s message was concise, tailored to our audience, and delivered with the enthusiasm and ‘know how’ of a real pro. Our group is still talking about and incorporating his message. Thanks Till!”   Sandra Ross, Executive V.P., Interstellar Communications

“By using real-life examples, stories, and anecdotes Till Kahrs is able to clearly illustrate what works and what doesn't when it comes to communication skills.”      Amazon.com

“Our leaders are producing unprecedented results thanks to clearer communication and improved working relationships. Till Kahrs has given us a thoughtful, powerful guide for all leaders at all levels to achieve a massive agenda for success!”             Mario Alvarez, AIA, Chairman/CEO, Velocitel, Inc.

“...he connects to his audience with his easy going charm...as much fun to watch as he is to listen to...”

Los Angeles Times

“He became the youngest person ever to become a District Manager at one company but then he surpassed his previous accomplishment when he became the youngest Regional Manager for another Fortune 500 Company. He has shared his knowledge with thousands of people through-out the United States,Europe, and Asia.” Irvine World News


Published Book:    

Enhancing Your Presentation Skills is a highly entertaining, comprehensive, step-by step book about presentation skills.  Till Kahrs, shares his experience and insight regarding this subject in a precise, easy to understand fashion, so that the reader will be able to apply the skills that he or she learns from this book immediately.  He examines the intricacies of overcoming the fear of public speaking, which is considered by many to be the number one fear that people have, by covering all of the presentation skill basics including eye contact, gestures, volume, inflection and organization.