Having been actively and extensively involved in employee engagement consulting and training for the last 10 years, I’d like to share some important lessons learned!

The theory here is that if you treat employees well, they will reciprocate and treat the company well (and their customers), so to speak. Obviously, it is not quite that simple, as we know some people will take advantage of managers or companies they feel are too ‘nice’.

In my experience if you split the difference, you’re on the right track. Essentially, you want to treat your employees well, yet make sure they know that ALL employees will be held accountable and held to the same standard.


1)      Listen to your employees. That doesn’t mean you will implement all of their ideas, but hear them out, give them a seat at the table to share their ideas and thoughts, and drill down to find out more about their concerns.

2)      Thank them for what they’ve done by recognizing your employees monetarily, at meetings, or offering up things like “employee of the month” parking spots, etc.

3)      Keep the lines of communication open. Let all employees know what’s going on with the company, and what the plans are for the future. Keep them “in the loop” and make them feel like they are part of the family.

4)      Have an employee barbeque or luncheon from time to time. Let everyone know how much you appreciate them. I have personally recommended this idea to many of my clients and that special food truck has paid incredible dividends to employee engagement and company morale!

5)      Try to enlist a company “Champion” who will cheerlead and carry the banner of employee engagement for the entire team. Ask other managers and employees who that “Champion” should be, and you will eventually find that person. Consider also having a “Champion” in each department of your company.

6)      Create an internal company monthly E-newsletter sharing and celebrating all employees. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, vacations, special occasions, graduations, additions to the family, you get the idea. The great news…easily and cheaply done. 

7)       Find out exactly what truly exceptional and engaged employees are doing and then share that with others. Many times people will say, “I/We can’t do that” when in fact someone IS doing that! Find out what they are doing, celebrate that, and share it with everyone!

8)      Have an anonymous suggestion box and/or have employees take anonymous on-line surveys asking employees about everything from what the company/managers can do better to offering suggestions for company improvement. THE KEY, make sure employees know the feedback is absolutely 100% anonymous-You’ll be amazed at what you find out-Your employees may be the best improvement consultants you ever hired (oh that’s right, they already work for you)!

9)      Ask employees what companies they personally admire (ex: Starbucks, Disney, Amazon) and then ask them why. Become a “Retail Anthropologist” and you’ll see that most of your employees like exactly the type of service that they may not be giving the customers that your company serves…

10)   Encourage employee feedback. Employees must feel comfortable about being able to speak freely. Obviously, raises and longer vacation time are popular subjects that cannot all be accommodated, but let employees truly know that there is an open door policy especially for good ideas that promote, engagement, positivity, and company growth and profitability!


Till Kahrs has been a Business Communication Consultant for over 25 years. He has worked with over half of the Fortune 1000 and is a frequent guest on Television appearing on networks such as Fox National News and ABC-TV. Kahrs is also the best-selling author of “Enhancing Your Presentations Skills”, an international business classic, now also available as a Kindle or Nook E-book.