Give before you receive. 

Successful networkers know they must contribute before they can expect a return on their investment.  Try to match and connect the knowledge and skills of the various people you meet with others you have already established relationships with.

Give a smile - Get a smile.

Give help - Get help.

Introduce people to people - People introduce people to you.

Care - Get cared for.

Listen - Get listened to.

Help others progress – Progress.

Give referrals - Get referrals.

Ask yourself:

Do people perceive me as a generous helper or more as a selfish taker? 

Careful here.  If you wear the selfish taker label, people will eventually whittle you out of their loop.  This is exactly the opposite outcome you are looking for. 

Start today.  Say it loud.   Say it proud. 

I like to help. 

Today I am going to help and give and then help and give some more.


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success   

Dean Lindsay, Sales and Leadership Speaker