Most of us think “revenue” when we think profit.  Therefore, it is helpful to include the terms money and sales when discussing the concept of feeling profit.  Nothing happens until someone sells something” is a dead-on classic business truism.  On some level, we are ALL in sales.  A job interview is a sales call; so is a date.  We all sell something – our leadership, our action plan, our company, our old refrigerator.  Sales is NOT a dirty word.  Selling is the art of influence and attraction; so is business. 

Sure, profit means dinero (Spanish for money), geld (German for money), and pengar (Swedish for money).  But profit can also mean to prosper, to gain an advantage, or to improve.  I even learned while doing research for this book that the word profit comes from a Latin word meaning “to make progress.”  Cool, huh?

So much of life is perception: perceived benefits, perceived value, and perceived profit.  Prospects and customers need to perceive through our guidance and education that our product or service will fill their needs, meet their requirements, help them profit. Coworkers and employees need to perceive that the organization they work for (partner with) is heading in a direction that will be profitable for them. 

The promise of profit helps form expectations.  To encourage customer loyalty, quality referrals, and even productivity and employee retention, we must exceed expectations or at least match them.  

So, what do customers expect? 

Everyone is different, but we can assume we all want quality products, a positive work environment, truly solid and caring customer service, even on-time delivery.  We also want the products and services a sales professional recommends to actually be in our best interests and not just what the company is pushing this week, or those with the best profit margin. 

“Profit is the celebration of service.”

-- Denis Waitley

Customers, employees, and coworkers must believe they gain an upper hand in some way from their relationship with us and our companies.  They must believe they profit from us, just as we are profiting from them. 

Offer the Promise of Profit.

Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success