Peace of mind is the state of tranquility and harmony, sleeping easy at night, living easy during the day.  When I think of an example of someone who seems to enjoy peace of mind, I think of Jimmy Buffett.  I am sure Jimmy has had a bad day here and there, even in Margaritaville, but I have a hard time imagining him not eventually finding that lost shaker of salt – or at least taking its loss with a grain of salt.

Strong relationships offer peace of mind.  Insurance offers peace of mind. Good benefit packages offer peace of mind.  Money in the bank offers peace of mind.  Good buzz in our industries offers peace of mind.  Meaningful work offers peace of mind.  Seatbelts offer peace of mind.  Receiving top-notch prequalified quality referrals offers peace of mind.  Receiving solid customer service offers peace of mind.  In equal measure, I strongly believe that delivering solid customer service offers peace of mind. 

Most would agree that having peace of mind is healthy and the opposite of being anxious or burdened with regret and worry.  Understanding that unexpected things will happen, markets shift, wells dry up – and that all we truly control is our actions and reactions – offers peace of mind.  We have the best shot at feeling peace of mind when we start viewing the world and its opportunities from a healthy and useful perspective.   

“For peace of mind, resign as  general manager of the universe.”     --- Larry Eisenberg

Peace of mind may also relate to a state of being spiritual, or having a sense of possessing enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself positive and centered in the face of stressful stimuli and discord.  It is tough to feel peace when we are angry or upset.  Forgiving both ourselves and others, as well as letting go of grudges, are prerequisites to peace of mind. 

Peace of mind does not suggest lack of awareness, Pollyannaism, or loss of touch with reality.  Someone with peace of mind can be extremely aware and closely connected to the reality of the times.  Belief in ourselves and our abilities to make good choices despite any downturn or misstep offers peace of mind.  Knowing we are doing our best at becoming our best selves is, in itself, peace of mind.  Believing we can work and win in a world of change sustains our peace with courage and conviction.

Offer the Promise of Peace of Mind. 

Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge