In every transaction, there's a moment just after the giant thinks he's got the sale and just before the customer hands over their money.  This gap is an opportunity for a smart, agile competitor to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Winning in the Last Three Feet is an old retail expression, but it speaks universally to the idea of understanding that it's never over until it's over.  You can have a brilliant campaign-or a brilliant product-but you can't assume the rest will take care of itself.  It never does.

Those last three feet are where giant-killers live.


It started in the twelfth when Conn rocked Louis.  Now he goes back to his corner and he says, "I'm going to knock this guy out." This corner man says, "What are you crazy? You've got the fight won."  But Conn goes out to knock him out and has the best of it until Louis catches him with the upper cut and knocks him down.  He's counted out at two minutes and fifty-eight seconds in the thirteenth round.

---Bert Sugar, Boxing Historian, Writer, and inductee to the International Boxing Hall of Fame


Contributed by Stephen Denny, Keynote Speaker & Author of Killing Giants