As we connect with the fact that our internal reasons inspire our external actions, we begin to notice that our true enemies come from within.  Among these resident vixens:

-        Self-doubt

-        Fear & Anxiety

-        Impatience

-        Lack of focus

-        Procrastination

-        Stress

-        Poor self-management (time management)

-        Misguided pursuit of perfection

-        Fear of success

Many of us do not need to come to terms with the world around us.  Instead, we need to come to terms with our own unrealistic expectations and poorly defined goals.  Well-established reasons help us feel the internal pressure needed to focus. 

We must dig to the roots and remind ourselves of the benefits, the reasons behind the actions that will move us forward.  We need to do this for those we wish to inspire to action also.  Being able to share with customers, clients, coworkers, and employees how they will be able to move forward by partnering with us is a major key to working and winning in this challenging world of change.

There is always some movement, but it is not always forward.  Strengthen your commitment by continually reminding yourself of the personal benefits that reaching your and/or your company’s goals will have in your life.  Each day we have the choice to move forward. 

Be Progress.

Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge