The hardest aspect of goal achievement is not in crafting a goal or even in knowing how to achieve it.  The real challenge is staying connected to the passion and understanding of WHY.  Understanding the reasons behind our goal channels the passion in the right direction, or at least in some direction. 

We initiate actions because, in that moment, we believe those actions will bring us the Six Ps of Progress with more intensity than any other option – short-term or long-term. Whatever goal we craft, it needs to LOOM LARGE in our mind for us to continually work toward achieving it. 

Will reaching your crafted goal bring you more pleasure, peace of mind, profit, prestige, pain avoidance and power than any other actions you could take?  Why or why not?

This concept is simple, but not easy.  It is hard and even impossible to practice 24/7.  It is very common to start our day committed to doing this and to not doing that, only to end up that day doing that and not doing this.  It’s not that we forgot, or got confused.  As the day wore on, what we were initially committed to shifted, and other things became more attractive, took precedence, seemed somehow more pressing to us.

We might stop taking steps toward a particular goal,

but we are always moving toward outcomes that we believe will help us feel peace of mind, pleasure, profit, prestige, pain avoidance, and power.


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge