Setting goals, what does that mean to you or me? What challenge lies ahead, what difficult task must we achieve and what will "motivate" us to stay on that straight course to achieve our goals?  Motivation is a great word to describe waiting all day for a dinner date with someone you enjoy spending time with, or rushing through the week on a high note, knowing you will be out sailing all day on Saturday.  Just like when we were children, and we had to eat our vegetables in order to get dessert, that delicious  ice cream sundae with hot fudge and whipped cream we loved so much.

How can we accomplish the goals and work load that lies ahead and what will motivate us to work harder to have something waiting for us that will delight us at the end of the day?  Motivating yourself could be very simple, if you work hard the rewards could be tremendous if you are in sales.  For instance, you are meeting with a client that is not one of your favorites, but you suggested meeting at one of your favorite restaurants for lunch, which will at least motivate you to keep the appointment and walk in with a smile.

When in the position to hire a motivational business speaker for your convention, one that will enlighten and be entertaining to hold the audience's attention and have good content and show fun examples of real life experiences goes a long way for any meeting planner. Pursue a good decisive goal and do it with determination and drive and you will succeed.