The people we desire to inspire to action (lead, do business with, etc.) must believe that our ideas, our products, our services, our leadership, and our initiatives will help them to move forward.  Solid trust must be in place before we can even hope others will choose to alter their lives to include us.   

We must be seen as catalysts in others’ progress,

agents in their progress. 

We must be Progress Agents.

Progress Agents practice a “live and help progress” philosophy.  We thrive on being able to take a challenging situation and proactively work to create outcomes that are positive for all involved (including ourselves).  We consistently say and do the things that we believe will help our companies, as well as clients and coworkers, to grow, advance, make headway, become better, make strides, and progress in this world of change. 

Progress Agents understand that trust is the basis for all positive long-term relationships (even the one we have with ourselves).  We know that the key to meeting the progress challenge is to have others trust that we ARE and will continue to Be Progress.  Progress Agents know that trust is the promise of progress, but not a guarantee of progress.  Trust is fragile, but is strengthened by continually being progress for ourselves and others. 

Progress Agents learn about customers, prospects, employees, coworkers, and even friends, uncovering their unique parameters for progress.  The more we can get into the shoes, hearts, and heads of the people we wish to inspire to action, the more we can know what progress means to them.  We are then able to relate in ways that show how our initiatives, ideas, products, and services are beneficial and valuable to them.  

Ponder & Progress:

Uncovering Others’ Parameters for Progress

1.  What does progress mean to the people you wish to inspire to action?

2.  What are they going for in life?

3.  What are their interests?

4.  What are their goals?

5.  What are they striving for?

6. What are their reasons for movement?

7.  How are their reasons propelling them into action?

8.  How can you share how your products and services are progress for the people you wish to inspire to action?

9.  How can you share how your ideas, recommendations, and solutions are progress?  

10. How can you become a Progress Agent in their minds?


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge