There is power in numbers.  When you effectively build relationships with others, you have the opportunity to reach many more people than you could ever reach on your own.  After a while, your networking "web" will naturally interconnect and seem to go on and on, even when you are not actively working it.  Connections are continuously being made.

Do not underestimate the power of your contact. It is well documented that most people have some form of relationship with around 250 people (widely referred to as their Circle of Influence).  These are not 250 people they would invite to their Christmas –  Hanukkah – or even Festivus party (just a little something for the Seinfeld fans)

These are 250 people they know directly or indirectly, ranging from family members to random contacts that involve some amount of persuasion.  This persuasion is used all the time to recommend a good restaurant, shoe store, plastic surgeon, energy drink, personal trainer, CPA, handyman, florist or ___(insert your profession here). 

Theoretically, each of your 250-some-odd contacts could recommend you and your services to 250 additional people.  

That is cool to think about and empowering to consider!

But here’s the rub:

Just because they COULD recommend you, your products, and your services to 250 others does not mean that they ARE or that they WILL.   

Some quick questions to ask yourself:

Do people have a trusting impression of me and my services? 

Why, or why not?

Do they see me, my company, and my services

as providing progress?

Do they value what I do for them and others?

Enough to recommend me to others? 

Enough to use my service themselves?

Do they value their relationship with me? 

Do they feel that a relationship with me means progress for them?

It comes down to trust and value. 

How do we build trust?  How do we establish value?

Trust is a feeling.  It is a buzz.  Trust is fluid.  It is fragile.  Value is established in the mind of the beholder.  Trust between people is built moment by moment, year to year.  Value is established over time. 

It takes a series of positive impressions.   Think about the people you trust.  Why do you trust them? 

Is it because they said “Trust me” or “You can trust me”?

No, these people have proven themselves trustworthy by continually doing things in a way that has built our trust.  They got to know us and are reliable. 


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success