At many networking meetings, participants are given the opportunity to participate in what I call the Rise and ShineThis is usually a 30-second opportunity to rise from your chair and present yourself and what progress you offer through your business in a very concise, direct, and hopefully memorable way. This is your time to shine.  You also benefit from hearing other participants give their promotional spot. 

Do not use this time to brag.  Egotism is boring. Focus on how you help others solve problems.  How are you providing progress?

Here is a tried and true outline to follow: 

My name is (your name). 

I work with (or run) a company called (your company). 

We work with people (or organizations) who are ready to (attract new customers, get their books in order, hire the right people, etc.)

so they can (make more money, save time, be more productive, etc.), because everyone can use more (money, time, productivity, etc.).  

(Your name) with (your company).

Important Related Tip: 

Do not hold stuff in your hands when you do your Rise and Shine unless you are going to refer to it.  It pulls focus away from you. 

When meeting someone one-on-one, you have far less than the 30 seconds in a Rise and Shine to grab their attention.  Come up with some progress-based statements that share your expertise and what you and your company offer in a clear, engaging way.  If you talk aimlessly or just throw some stuff together on the fly, you will quickly lose their interest. 

Always speak about what you do in a professional, positive manner.  Concentrate on how others benefit from the product or service you perform. 

It’s important to communicate what you do in ways that will help the person you’re speaking with understand that you provide solutions.  They must have you positioned in their mind as an agent of progress.


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success   

Dean Lindsay, Sales and Leadership Speaker