We each have our own style, our own way we like to communicate with others (different strokes for different folks).  This is a basic human fact.  Each interaction with other people requires you to assess the situation from a fresh perspective. 

It is also a fact that we need to connect when we meet someone.  Unfortunately, a tremendous amount of human energy is used unproductively in talking past or “at” each other.  We often fail to make a real connection with someone because we have a set of behavioral preferences that do not mesh with those of the person on the other side of our bifocals. Chameleons, modify their own preferences to make a favorable impression.   

Even though we are all unique, most people do fit into a certain style or predictable pattern of behavior.  People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific types of behavior common to that style. Such patterns of behavior influence how people prefer to communicate and interact.    

“Behavior is the mirror in which  everyone shows their image.”   

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success   

Dean Lindsay, Sales and Leadership Speaker