Being progress for ourselves and others establishes and cements customer loyalty, generates quality referrals, and leads to career development and job satisfaction. 

There is a powerful and important connection between solid leadership, sales success, personal motivation, and customer loyalty.  All are achieved by effectively positioning ideas, recommendations, solutions, products, services – even ourselves – as progress in the minds of those we wish to inspire to action. 

How do we position ourselves, our ideas, our products and services as progress, and not simply as change, in the minds of those we wish to inspire to action?

How can we Be Progress in a world of change?

Peace of Mind

“Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one's level of peace of mind.”

-- Sidney Madwed

The Progress Challenge is first and foremost a methodology for developing your own personalized how-to’s that WORK for you and your team. Help your clients, customers, team members, and coworkers connect with how your ideas and expertise, as well as the action steps you are encouraging them to take, will help them progress.                                                             

We work and win when we work to help others win. 

We progress as we help others progress.


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success   

Dean Lindsay, Sales and Leadership Speaker