Every day, every hour, every minute, we're changing and so is our world.  Some may feel resistant to change, and even claim to be personally unchangeable, yet the presence of change is one of the few constants.  Marriage, graduation, a new job, the birth of a child: all bring change.  But so do eating a big lunch, seeing a sad movie, and meeting someone new.  We experience and relate to change daily.   Every day we have a slightly new normal. 

Significant change can arrive like an Oklahoma twister, picking us up, shaking our sense of identity, and then dropping us way outside of our comfort zone.  The ailing economy and the tough business climate (not to mention the real climate) make it easy to understand why so many people have trouble finding ways to get and stay moving toward progress.  Yet, opportunities for progress still exist, even in the most challenging of times. 

Working and winning in a world of change requires new processes, heightened performance, and traveling untrodden paths.  It is tough and more than a tad scary to let go of the familiar and the sense of security that familiarity provides.  We often want to skip the period of transition and quickly get to the other side in order to regain some level of comfort.  When dealing with uncertainty, we should be careful not to move too quickly and miss the opportunity to move forward. 

Here are the three keys to staying confident and productive through the necessary process of finding progress in change.  Stop, BOP (Be Open to Progress) and Roll your way to progress.  


Contributed by:  Dean Lindsay, Award Winning Speaker and Author of The Progress Challenge & Co-Author of Stepping Stones to Success   

Dean Lindsay, Sales and Leadership Speaker