Jason speaking in Dubai

                                                                    Jason speaking in Dubai

Jason traveled the globe in search of the world's fastest companies for his landmark book, It's Not the Big That Eat the Small - It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow and, within weeks of its release, it hit the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers Lists, was published in 32 languages and USA TODAY named it one of the top 25 books of the year!

Next, he and his research teams identified the world’s ten most productive companies for his bestseller, Less Is More. That was followed by, Think BIG - Act Small, which profiled the only ten companies in the world to have organically grown both revenues and profits by double-digits every year for ten consecutive years. Like all his previous books, it debuted on all the bestseller charts. His next book, Hit the Ground Running - A Manual for Leaders reveals the tactics and strategies of the ten new CEO’s who created the greatest amount of value during their first five years on the job. His New York Time’s bestseller, The Reinventors - How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change, reveals the secrets of those leaders and organizations that have successfully reinvented and transformed themselves. His latest book (2015) for his publisher Penguin Random House, The High Speed Company – Creating Urgency and Growth in a Nanosecond Culture, was released in the spring of 2015.

The work Jason puts into customizing a speech is legendary. When he agrees to work with a group he goes all in and starts by conducting a 90 minute Discovery conversation with the person/people who ‘own’ the event to learn about the group, attendees, objectives and expectations. He follows that up with ten to twelve telephone interviews with people you select who will be in attendance and learns about them, their stories and the challenges and issues they face. This insures that every keynote he delivers is on point and completely customized. There’s no other author/speaker who offers this level of customization. When he looks out at the audience and begins his speech by saying, “During the past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to reach out and speak to many of you and this is what you told me is on your mind and the challenges you’re facing….,” everyone in the room moves to the edge of their seats.

He always receives the highest evaluation scores at every event he does and almost always receives the highest speaker ratings the sponsoring organization has ever received for any speaker. Whether it’s Lowes where he scored a perfect 5 on a scale of 1-5 with the firm’s top 3,000 managers and leaders and they hired him again to do the same presentation four more times on their campus so every employee could see it, Cisco where he received a 4.9 ranking out of a possible five and the company issued him a check for double his speaking fee as an unexpected bonus for achieving the highest ranking ever received for an outside speaker or P&G who use him worldwide to stay on top of a VUAC – a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex economy…he achieves scores and ranking that make every event manager a true hero!


Who is Jason Jennings 

Jason is a fitness fanatic, hit’s the gym five or six times a week, is always studying a language (five so far), an avid business and adventure traveler with the stamps of more than 100 countries in his passport, is as comfortable delivering keynotes in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South and Central America as he is in the U.S. He fiddles his Viola whenever there’s a spare moment and, when not traveling, you’ll find he and his family – the single most important thing in his life – splitting their time between the quaint San Francisco bayside town of Tiburon, California and their log and stone lodge, Timber Rock Shore, on a lake in Michigan’s remote northern peninsula where they share the environment with native moose, bear, deer, wolves, foxes and soaring eagles and, where the saying is, "Come visit and see how civilized the wilderness can be."









"We love you!!! You made a long lasting impact on all of us. I was one of the people that teared up with your stories, particularly when you spoke about your dad and his team... that is how I, along with many other people, feel about our team.

I absolutely loved that you reinforced that the focus has to be on doing good and on our people. You came to us at the right time. We cannot thank you enough! Thank you for doing your magic!"

Claudia Rodriquez, VP Devices Product Management, Motorola Solutions


When Jason is agrees to do a speech for a client he goes all in and in the case of Marcos Pizza that included eating in many of the US’s fastest growing (and best) 800 pizza restaurants.

His keynote speech - The Four Secrets - at the April 2017 Franchisee Conference in Orlando, Florida captivated the talented men and women who own Marco's Restaurants.

Here’s what one of the franchisees told Marco’s President & Chief Development Officer Bryon Stephens after the conference.

"Jason Jennings is an exceptional speaker and author, his message was so impactful to me I have to say it was the best I have ever heard in my entire career. I cannot wait to implement his 4 secrets so I can unlock the power of his message in my business."

"Thank you Jason for making our 2017 conference the best it has ever been."

Bryon Stephens, Marco’s President & Chief Development Officer


Here are some of the comments from the Survey Monkey completed by participants:

  • I really enjoyed our guest speaker, Jason Jennings. I walked away with the word 'purpose'! 
    I found it thought provoking to see other leaders of business choose a different path based on purpose.
  • Guest speakers were awesome, especially Jason Jennings.
  • I thought the two speakers - Jake Henry and Jason Jennings were fantastic. Both were very articulate and spoke of relevant information for us.
  • I especially enjoyed the guest speaker, Jason Jennings; his message was entertaining and relevant.

All of the speakers were amazing. Best meeting content I've ever seen at any National Sales Meetings anywhere! Great job! 

Vahe Ayvazian, US Marketing Director, Abbott Diagnostics


Jason Makes a Buzz with Bumble Bee Foods!

"You hit the cover off the ball!!! Numerous people have commented to me how GREAT you were and I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time and teaching us. Your message resonated and hit squarely on the mark. The content was timely and very relevant for what we are going through as an organization! I will be devouring your latest book in the coming weeks!

Safe travels and I promise you that I will continue to strive to be a good steward!"  

W. Scott Cameron, SVP US Sales, Bumble Bee Foods


"Even given his credentials, and his reputation as an excellent and engaging speaker, I don’t think I was prepared for how impactful Jason’s message could be. His data-driven research, combined with the pre-work he did to understand our company and an engaging conversational style, resulted in an evening that was meaningful, actionable, and enjoyable for the audience.

Jason and his staff were easy and effective to work with: from scheduling interviews of key personnel in our company to ensuring the presentation met our expectations, they were committed to success from the start. This is what a great presentation looks like – from booking to delivery! "

Neil Spracklen, Manager, Strategy and Competitive Analysis, Phillips 66



Each year more than 1000 inquiries (an average of twenty weekly) are received for a speech by Jason Jennings.

Eighty companies and dates are approved and selected.

Based on the vast research completed for his books and his two decades of helping propel companies to their full economic potential each speech by Jason Jennings is custom designed for the group being addressed.

Keynote Speeches

  • Reinvention – The Six Secrets of Change

    This keynote is based on Jennings' latest book released on May 10, 2012, The Reinventors –How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continual Change, which identifies more than 100 companies that have made constant change an integral part of their DNA. By examining innovative businesses such as Apple, Capital One, Starbucks, Arrow Electronics, Nucor Steel, Smithfield Foods and many more, Jennings identifies six points, tailored to your organization's needs that will help you crack the code on change. Key findings include the fact that successful reinventors are committed to double digit annual growth, letting go of yesterday’s breadwinners, conventional wisdom and ego, making lots of small bets and getting and keeping everyone on the same page.

    (This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a half-day or full day program).
  • The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Companies and Leaders

    This is the crowd pleaser that’s received standing ovations from hundreds of thousands of people in scores of countries around the world. Jennings’ research has revealed five vital leadership traits that are shared by the most enduring and best performing businesses and organizations in the world. This information packed and dynamic speech not only provides the roadmap for achieving long lasting business success but leaves people believing they’re all on the same team and capable of carrying out the mission ahead of them.

    (This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a highly interactive half-day or full day program).
  • The Need for Speed – How to Get Everything Done Faster

    If your audience is being asked to move faster and get more done with less, this keynote speech will deliver results! It’s based on content from the NY Times bestseller, It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small –It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, and USA TODAY named it one of the 25 most important books of the year. It’s brutally honest; fast paced and provides a roadmap for getting things done.

    (This speech can be presented as a 60 or 90 minute keynote (with or without Q&A) and can also be delivered as a highly interactive half-day or full day program).


One of Jason’s guiding principles is that every audience deserves a presentation that’s been custom tailored to fit their needs and exceed their expectations. In order to make that happen he undertakes the following preparation for each speech:

Diagnostic/Discovery Telephone Conference – This hour-long conference call is designed to insure that Jason understands the company or sponsoring organization, its goals and objectives and what it’s trying to achieve by bringing in an outside speaker.

Ten-Fiften Telephone Interviews – Several weeks prior to the event the company or conference organizer provides Jason’s office with a list of up to ten people with whom he can have a ten to fifteen minute conversation about themselves, their responsibilities, their challenges and the areas in which they’d like to sharpen their skills.

    When this work has been completed you’re insured of receiving a highly targeted and personalized speech.

             Jason Jennings, Leadership Speaker/Best Selling Author

             Jason Jennings, Leadership Speaker/Best Selling Author

                                                                                                Partial list of Jason's past clients

                                                                                                Partial list of Jason's past clients

    The High Speed Company

    Joined NY Times Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author Jason Jennings believe that urgency and speed are keys to the growth of any business.  Leaders need to adapt and ignite their workplace culture to prevent them from falling behind, flailing, becoming irrelevant and ultimately becoming a shadow of their former selves and/or failing. Unless a company is changing faster on the inside then the marketplace is changing on the inside there'll be grief in their future. Laurence Haughton, his head of research and development, with whom he penned the blockbuster hit, It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small – It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, Jennings draws on years of research and 11,000+ in-depth interviews with executives, business owners, and CEOs across the country to uncover how successful leaders build a culture that supports speed, innovation and growth. Based on his findings, he offers prescriptions for creating teams that consistently grow revenues and profits through a purpose of doing well by doing good, guiding principles to make fast decisions, a laser focus on exceeding customer expectations, and practices that support transparency and accountability.

    The companies in the book:

    • Solve problems the first time rather than revisiting them again and again
    • Keep good customers from defecting
    • Empower the 70% of all employees who say they’re not engaged or actively disengaged (per Gallup’s, State of the American Workplace) to start doing their part for your organization (should you italicize or put in quotes the State of the American Workplace?)
    • Allow people to admit mistakes rather than covering them up
    • Encourage people to improvise rather than wait for direction from the top
    • Reduce resistance to new ideas
    • Get more cooperation and coordination across functions and titles
    • Fill open jobs with people who like being fast
    • Do all of the preceding simultaneously

    Writing in his trademark down-to-earth, tell it like it is and irreverent style, and featuring stories from companies as diverse as Google, Charles Schwab, Proctor and Gamble, Arrow Electronics, Johnson & Johnson, CoBank, Henry Schein, W.W. Grainger and O’Reilly Auto Parts, this book will become your step-by-step roadmap for thinking fast and moving faster.


        These are the 8 books written by Jason Jennings, that ended up on the Best Sellers List.