Speakers for Success provides world class prestigious keynote speakers for corporate meetings, association conventions, conferences, luncheons, workshops, trade shows and seminars.

Speakers for Success offers exclusive management for speakers who want to grow their speaking business, through promoting their marketing materials to corporations, associations, franchises, speakers bureaus and event producers around the world. Andrea has had great success working with speakers and authors who came to her with no profile and in a matter of years, due to her persistence, strong network of contacts and outstanding relationships with industry partners, was able to make an impact on the career of these speakers by securing numerous high profile events for them.  

Andrea Temel is originally from New Jersey/New York City, she majored in business and marketing at the University of Miami.  Having started in the business with Kerry Johnson, a business and motivational speaker, who suggested she represent him with her go getter personality and charm.  The relationship prospered for ten wonderful years.  It's now been twenty five years since Andrea started her career in speaker management she has been arranging US as well as international events for associations, corporations, franchises and working closely with speaker bureaus throughout her career.  

She also played key roles in introducing little known speakers to international audiences.  Years after working with Kerry Johnson, she took on the challenge of representing Michael Janke, a famously decorated Navy Seal Sniper, formally with Seal Team 6.  She introduced him to diverse industry audiences, and all the speakers bureaus in the US, as the demand for Michael Janke as a speaker soon skyrocketed.  Mr. Janke was approached to take on a position starting a private security firm in the Middle East and returned to what he knew best, protecting America.

It was at that point in her career, Andrea was recommended to Steve Farber through a prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau.  She immediately started marketing for Steve Farber and quickly established him as a national brand, making him a frequent speaker throughout the US, Dubai, Turkey, Singapore, Israel, etc.  Their partnership led to Steve Farber becoming a household name and sought after constantly by bureaus.  Their relationship thrived for more then five years.  

Andrea continues to work with world class speakers and internationally branded companies.